John Brennan Wants Scientists to Block the Sun As Politicians Kill Fossil Fuels


Who wants scientists to shoot chemicals — SAI — into the sky to reverse global warming? There is no way in the world that scientists know for certain that global warming isn’t a normal process for the planet. Do you think they know enough about it to geoengineer the atmosphere?

SAI is an acronym for stratospheric aerosol injection.

A paper published by the Cambridge University Press investigated the ethics of geoengineering which they admit could cause considerable harm. They come to the conclusion that is it acceptable given the risk of global warming.

The conclusion states, “…this is a comparative conclusion; one that, read from another angle, is also consistent with the message of a great deal of climate politics. Even when considered alongside potential harms from climate engineering, the unintended harms caused by carbon emissions are a real and significant moral problem. Serious and rapid emissions reductions, therefore, remain the ultimate moral priority.”

If they knew what they were doing, weren’t political, and weren’t so sure the science is settled, we might agree.

The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) funded by Bill Gates at Harvard has begun in a small way. They’re planning to block the sun. What could go wrong? It’s basically sun-dimming technology.

David Keith, a professor of applied physics and public policy at Harvard University, recognizes the “very many real concerns” of geoengineering. It is true that no one knows what will happen until the CaCO3 is released and then studied afterward. Keith and fellow SCoPEx scientists published a paper in 2017 suggesting that the dust may actually replenish the ozone layer by reacting with ozone-destroying molecules. “Further research on this and similar methods could lead to reductions in risks and improved efficacy of solar geoengineering methods,” write the authors of the paper.

Some believe this proves the chemtrail conspiracy. We don’t see that connection but some do.

Studying it is fine, doing it at this time is terrifying for us. What do you think?


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

SAI of Calcium Carbonate is a chemtrail operation. Since these people are talking about this, how is that not a connection to the people who are rumored to be producing chemtrails? This is similar to the pandemic, people had been planning and engaging in the viral operations for years.

There is no proof these are fossil fuels. There are bodies in this solar system which have hydrocarbon deposits. The basic elements which produce hydrocarbons are produced by starts.

Any temperature rise on the Earth is very minor, a continuation of the warming from the last ice age.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

ck out

2 years ago

These mad scientists f***ing with nature will bite them in the ass.