Effectiveness of 3 COV Vaccines Declines in the US


The three major vaccines in the US have declined in recent months with protection falling under 50% for two of them, according to a new study over a six-month period.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine dropped from 89.2% in March to 58% in September. Pfizer’s vaccine dropped from 86.9% to 43.3% and Johnson & Johnson dropped from 86.4% to 13.1%.

Last year, the FDA head Dr. Stephen Hahn, said the agency would not authorize COV vaccines that aren’t at least 50% effective.

The vaccine’s protection against death waned, particularly for the target group — the 65 and older.

The effectiveness against death was 75.5% for Moderna’s vaccine, 70.1% for Pfizer, and 52.2% for Johnson & Johnson.

For the under 65 old crowd, it was higher. It was 84.3% for Pfizer, 81.5% for Moderna, and 73% for J&J.

The vaccines might not be as effective against Delta, but the report states the unvaccinated are still more likely to contract and die from COV.

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Bill Patterson Jr.
Bill Patterson Jr.
2 years ago

The effectiveness of the vaccines fall.
The detrimental side effects of the vaccines rise.
The unconstitutionality of the mandates remains constant.