John Durham asked to interview John Brennan


John Durham’s probe appears to be nearing an end. Reportedly, he is ready to interview John Brennan, according to the Washington Examiner.

Barr appointed the Connecticut federal prosecutor to investigate the origins of Crossfire Hurricane. The goal is to scrutinize the conduct of law enforcement leaders and intelligence officials who were involved.

People familiar with the request, according to NBC News (if you can believe them), said Durham asked to interview Brennan.

Brennan has already admitted he is in the crosshairs of the criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation led by Durham. The White House acknowledged that the CIA asked for Brennan’s official records and any classified CIA documents that he had signed to help him write his upcoming memoir, but the agency denied his request.

So, that’s it?

Durham is trying to determine whether or not Brennan politicized the process to pressure the intel community to match his conclusions about Putin’s motivations.

Durham has been interviewing CIA officials this year, focusing on the National Intelligence Council, which is the center of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

They oversaw the collaboration of the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency in putting the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian meddling (which included an attachment — the fake dossier they knew was fake). Barr confirmed Durham is scrutinizing the assessment.

The NBC News report also cited sources who claimed Durham has not interviewed Comey, Clapper, or McCabe. That is a bad sign in our estimation. How serious is he taking this?

Barr has said that he expects “developments” and a public report from Durham by the end of the summer.


Does anyone expect much from this report?

“There was definitely Russian, uh, interference,” Barr said in June. “I think Durham is looking at the intelligence community’s ICA — the report that they did in December [2016]. And he’s sort of examining all the information that was based on, the basis for their conclusions. So to that extent, I still have an open mind, depending on what he finds,” DC Examiner wrote.

So far, just talk, no action. Anyone expecting a lot of whitewashing and exoneration?

Brennan’s a former communist, we think, former.

Brennan’s constantly on Cable ripping into President Trump. His Twitter feed is a non-stop spewing of hate for the administration. It’s not simply hatred for Trump, he hates the right-wing.

Here’s his latest tweet, which was two days ago:


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

Cross your fingers.

3 years ago

Time will tell but here’s a possibility I’m hoping for;

Given the scope of the corruption that’s been suggested, the number of players involved, some of them very high powered public figures, could be, hopefully, Durham and company are playing it close to the vest, not letting out too much information, until the hammer drops.

To do otherwise you’re tipping them off, giving them a chance to disappear, flee the country.

3 years ago

Mr. Dowling,

Dunham is a lawyer.
He is a GOVERNMENT lawyer.
He has not had Deep Stater Barr indict ANY communist scoundrel from Barry soetoro and his co-conspirator Hillary Clinton to Lisa Paige (sp?).

Nothing of value will come from more taxpayer dollars wasted on Dunham.

My opinion….FWIW.