John Fetterman Explains the “Whole Reason” for the 14th Amendment


The Democrat Party wants Joe Biden to misuse the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling. They sent John Fetterman out to call for invoking the 14th. Fetterman even said [raising the debt ceiling] that’s the whole reason for the 14th Amendment.

The Whole Reason

The actual whole reason for the 14th Amendment was to give citizenship and equal rights to former slaves. When it referred to debt, it upheld the national debt while exempting the federal government and state governments from any responsibility for the debts incurred by the rebellious Confederate States of America.

It had nothing to do with one president spending recklessly and ignoring the minority party.

Sending John Fetterman out in public with a statement defining the 14th Amendment is like expecting a Supreme Court Justice to define the word “woman.”

How long do we have to pretend that any of this makes sense without them calling us names?

We’re sorry for Mr. Fetterman, but he doesn’t belong in the Senate, and we don’t love the Constitution distorted for political expediency. Democrats continually fall back on old laws and misuse them in ways the authors never intended. We never wipe the books; there’s always a law that can be morphed for any purpose, but that is corruption.

Far-far left Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren, and Bernie, the financial wiz, want Biden to use the 14th to get their way. If you can’t get your way, use force?

The letter states that Republicans in Congress are “not acting in good faith.” They won’t negotiate and want to spend without limit or any effort to work with the minority party that represents 75 million people. And Republicans are “not acting in good faith?”


Bernie Sanders, who is on record as saying a 90% tax rate isn’t too high, posted a letter he sent to Biden with the signatures of ten other Democrats calling for an undemocratic solution. They want to destroy democracy to get their way. Biden will not bargain and wouldn’t even cut the pandemic funds. Democrats want a clean bill and to give nothing as they send the US into unsustainable debt and inevitable bankruptcy.

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15 days ago

The Democrat Party of Slavery is once again blaming slavery on the R’s.
This time it is economic slavery?

Presenting the wounded Fetter-woman as the spokesman for using some arcane idea to ram through their terrible trajectory to economic doom is the epitome of insanity

15 days ago

biden has zero authority. Every single thing he does in “office” is null and void. You don’t get to sign bills into law, make executive orders, sign treaties, etc., when you were illegally INSTALLED through a fraudulent election, a seditious coup. It’s all NULL AND VOID on it’s face. DO NOT COMPLY with anything the insane criminal fraud in our white house says or does. Instead, write your congressman and tell them you want them to go against every single thing the demented low-life criminal tries to do. Tell them you want to see joe biden in a prison cell. If they comply, or give biden any legitimacy whatsoever, in any form, they are complicit in his crimes. Make sure they get the message. We are done playing this game

15 days ago

The 14th Amendment basically says the the Government has to eventually pay it’s debts.

15 days ago

“Shaking Head”