John McCain Plans an Amnesty Bill with No Border Wall


Sunday evening’s Wall Street Journal reports that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) will push a new immigration bill this week that omits the building of the border wall, but includes amnesty for the so-called Dreamers.

McCain is fully and completely out of touch with the electorate. He hates President Trump and has little regard for the public opinion or safety of Americans.

There is no reason to not build a wall. A report out last week found that $170 billion leaves the U.S. a year at the hands of foreigners. The illegal foreigners come here as economic migrants and we are funding foreigners as a result.

The WSJ points out that Congress is expected this week to pass yet another short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. The government’s current funding expires at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

According to the WSJ, horrible Republican McCain (R., Ariz.) and far-left Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) plan to unveil a proposal that offers a path to citizenship for Dreamers and orders a comprehensive study to determine what border-security measures are needed. But the bill stops well short of almost all of the president’s demands—including immediate funding for the wall along the southern border.

Those comprehensive studies are a joke. How many studies do we need. The last seven amnesties were written the same way.

Trump has been trying to negotiate with the Democrats and offered a generous amnesty deal. McCain is making it impossible for Trump. He is giving Democrats an opportunity to pretend they are cooperating when they’re not with his grand giveaway in return for nothing.


  1. Put him out to pasture already! Enough of his ilk and hatred due to him loosing the White House once too often! Cry baby, little weeny, suck it up buttercup!!!!!

  2. Hey McCain you need a little help with your memory???…. In 2010 you Sen. John McCain released a tough-talking television ad that blames illegal immigrants for “home invasions [and] murders” and calls for the completion of the “danged fence” along the U.S.-Mexico border,

    • Soon he will be incapacitated but of course will continue to represent his state. He could be in that state for many months prior to death. It indicates no regard for his state. It is not death with honor. It is a bitter death. It is a selfish death.

  3. We need to call illegal immigration what it actually is. An invasion and a threat to our sovereignty. Any elected official not opposed to it should be hanged!

  4. McCain was bought and paid for by Soros, long ago. McCain delivered the fake DNC/Fusion GPS/Steele dosier to the FBI for the DNC. He is an evil, TREASONOUS RINO. Nixon should never have allowed this POS to be pardoned for his Vietnam treason.

    • McCain can be subjected to blackmail for several things in his life. He wants to die a “hero”, or proclaimed as such by the media. He is working until the bitter end to ingratiate himself with the elites as he continues his lifelong pursuit of anti-Americanism.

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