John McCain Once Solicited Russians for Campaign Donations


Senator McCain is Donald Trump’s biggest critic, bar none. He condemns him overseas, on left-wing media, and in closed circles when he’s not sharing fake dossiers. McCain is trying to keep Trump from realizing his agenda. One of his avenues of attack has been the fake Russian connection.

John McCain is very angry about Russians and their alleged and unproven influence over President Trump. He worried about it in 2008 also if you will remember. His closest aide suggested that is where some of Obama’s funds came from. Ironically it was he – McCain – who asked the Russians for money.

John McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis hinted that Obama was taking foreign money during the 2008 election. On the same day, he made the suggestion, the Russian Mission to the United Nations released a fundraising letter addressed to the Russian envoy to the U.N., Vitaly Churkin, at the mission’s address, but without his title.

According to Politico and as the Russian newswire RIA-Novosti tells it:

Russia’s permanent mission to the UN has received a letter from U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain asking for financial support of his election campaign, the mission said in a statement on Monday.

“We have received a letter from Senator John McCain with a request for a financial donation to his presidential election campaign. In this respect we have to reiterate that neither Russia’s permanent mission to the UN nor the Russian government or its officials finance political activities in foreign countries,” the statement said.

McCain must have been hard up for cash.

Vitaly Churkin died suddenly last week and his death is under scrutiny. NBC News said his death is “suspicious”.

McCain was in league with the Russians and had to kill his benefactor Vitaly Churkin. That’s fake news of course, but just think about how easy that would be to spread. It’s exactly what’s going on now with this fake Trump-Russia conspiracy.

The fundraising letter was sent by accident no doubt and the Russians put it out to mock him.

The one thing that is true is McCain has an obsession with Russians. He is also obsessed with destroying Trump. This is a man who made it clear he preferred Hillary Clinton.

One theory about what is going on is there is a soft coup and McCain is part of it. The Russians are the lightweights in this drama compared to Trump’s enemies within.

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