John Wayne Won’t Die, You Buffoons


For those of you who saw John Wayne as a model of masculinity, the tough American hero with a good soul, just know the Atlantic, a hard-left publication, wants to dispel that notion and kill off the ‘myth’ of masculinity.

John Wayne is symbolically dead for the left, so are cowboys, and the beta male lives. Pajama boy is the new John Wayne. Masculinity is to be considered a white thing and they are all rapists. We have to rid the world of “toxic white masculinity” according to the left.

There is a serious war on culture that is turning men into weaklings and women into amazons because they think it will end wars and stop violence against women.

There is nothing wrong with being a pajama boy but strong masculine men are more appealing to most women. They are not evil or rapists either.

The Atlantic reviewed Nancy Shoenberger’s book, “Wayne and Ford: The Films, the Friendship, and the Forging of an American Hero”. In this month’s issue of the joke of a magazine, Stephen Metcalf trashed director John Ford and the king of cowboys and immortal soldiers John Wayne.

Metcalf suggests Ford was a manic, gay man who stayed in the closet. Wayne was a hollow propagandist used to perpetrate the false myth of the American male.

Come on, Metcalfe, seriously? Pajama boy is male and Wayne is ‘hollow’.

“The actor’s persona was inextricable from the toxic culture of Cold War machismo,” Metcalf writes.

What is really toxic is Metcalf and his propagandized magazine. The Atlantic was once a great magazine with the finest writers. Sad but true.

Ford and Wayne made a couple dozen movies together and they all epitomized good values. Wayne was a courageous and moral cowboy or a gallant soldier, and Metcalf obviously doesn’t like that.

Metcalf should write about the violence and vulgarity in rap and hip hop. That’s toxic masculinity.

This isn’t really about the absolutely fabulous John Wayne and John Ford, it’s about changing the culture and the idea of the iconic cowboy and a vision of an ideal American man. It’s another mindless sputtering from the hate America crowd.

Today’s hip male wears pink pussy hats, denies his natural birthright, calls himself a woke cisgender, wallows in trivialities and has joined the snowflake PC culture.

Metcalf thinks Ford was “terrified of his feminine side” because – of course – he was likely gay. That is why he burdened the world with the cartoonish, politicized Wayne.

The Duke was masculine to compensate for his insecurities babbles an arrogant and insecure Metcalf.

Clearly Metcalf can’t feel comfortable with his own masculinity.

The buffoon thinks Wayne and Ford were effeminate.

The America hater then sequed into our evil patriotism – naturally. Wayne and Ford were “ultra-patriots” to fit a “scene of masculinity…stripped of utility and endowed with dubious political karma.”

His views are all so ironic given that the sexual harrassers are mostly turning out to be unappealing leftists.

You might be asking yourself about now what Stephen Metcalf is like. He is critic-at-large for the communist Slate magazine and he looks like this:

No thanks! Is this the woke cisgender men want to emulate? Please say it’s not going to happen.

Give me John Wayne or Clint Eastwood and make my day.

Men can like hot chocolate, don’t have to be gorgeous or flex muscles but we recommend they remain real men if they want to hook up with a real woman.

As for the hating on patriotism, the hard-left might have won the war in our nation’s colleges and on the football field. They appear to hate America more than ISIS – the maniacal psychos who behead babies, turn little children into sex slaves and burn Infidels alive.

This is the society the left wants for you and me.

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