Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley must resign immediately


According to a new Woodward book, General Mark Milley took it upon himself to make secret calls to his counterpart in China to tell him he doesn’t have to fear Donald Trump striking China and if such a strike were planned, he, Milley, would call his counterpart and give him a heads up.

The Chinese allegedly feared Donald Trump was preparing to go to war with China.

Not only did Milley call the CCP twice, but he also rearranged a military exercise in the South China Sea that was less offensive to reassure the Chinese communists. Additionally, he tipped off Nancy Pelosi, who, as a member of Congress, had no role here and told her he would restrain the President.

No wonder she talked to generals on January 8th and asked them to constrain the President.

What Milley should have done was to talk with the Secretary of Defense. He could have also discussed the CCP’s fears with the President. We do not live in a military form of government. The military in this country is under civilian control. Milley broke the chain of command.

This cannot be ignored or it will happen again.

A military officer cannot undermine the President of the United States. Milley set a dangerous precedent and cannot be allowed to remain in office.

It’s the first time that a military officer did what he has done. He went to the Speaker of the House and asked about putting restrictions in place to limit the ability of the Commander in Chief to act. Milley also called an enemy of the United States and undermined the President. He promised the CCP fealty in the event of a strike.

He must resign.



  1. Could you imagine a general in WWII contacting Japan or Germany and revealing secret information or stating plans of attack or not to attack!

  2. Bwahaha! Pure Bolshevik Soviet has some damage control apparatchik on there saying nothing to see here, it is normal for a general to contact his counterpart and he was reassuring his comrade that there would be continuity of government and no attack.
    As if the CCP thought Biden was going to ever go off script or puppet string.
    The headphones are on and turned up almost all the way but I picked it up peripherally.
    I didn’t catch a name of the Deep State nomenklatura poll plunge protection comrade.

  3. If this is true, it would appear that Milley was willing to get American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and others killed to protect his Chinese friends.

  4. He must be arrested immediately. He committed a successful coup with the help of Nancy Pelosi and other Active Duty American military officers. All must be placed under arrest and have a fair day in court for insurrection and treason. The military still has the death penalty and if found guilty it should be applied.

  5. He should NOT be given the opportunity to resign. He should be arrested by the Provost Marshall, courtmartialed for treason, and executed.

  6. No doubt in my mind, but we’ll see what happens. I look for all of this to be covered up and somehow they’ll blame Trump.

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