Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sues Biden over vaccine mandate


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has taken steps to sue the Biden dictatorship over the unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

He said he filed a lawsuit today against the unprecedented and unconstitutional power grab by the Biden administration and the federal government.

Attorney General Brnovich said the Biden administration is unconstitutionally trying to mandate vaccines that may affect hundreds of millions of Americans. It’s not only wrong, it’s unconstitutional. He will try to stop this overreach because we need to protect not only Arizona but the entire United States.

The Biden regime is relying on a Supreme Court case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, to claim it’s constitutional to order federal workers to get vaccinated. That particular case concerned smallpox and it was based on legislative authorization which Biden’s cabal does not have. The Court found it was a police power that constitutionally is the right of the states.

The Court found the federal government has the authority to enact a vaccine mandate on federal workers and the military.

There is nothing in the law that permits OSHA to enact a vaccine mandate. That’s likely a bridge too far, especially when done by executive order.




  1. If the Constitution is a living document then how a does a SCOTUS ruling from over 100 years ago apply to contemporary events?
    Precedent? The Massachusetts comrade was harmed by the vaccine and lost the case after getting to the highest court in the land.
    You just know that lawfare fellow travelers were scouring the books for cases like these when the Plandemic got going.
    It is a double edged sword this lawfare and works both ways.

  2. O/T-Breaking-Bolshevik British Communism (BBC) is reporting that if Elder replaces Gruesome Newsome and Diane Bankster Feinstein (CCP) is unable to complete her term she could be replaced and that would upset razor thin majorities for the CPUSA.

  3. I understand that Israel released a study two weeks ago indicating that Natural Immunity is more than 25 times more powerful than Vaccinations when it came to the Delta Variant. Why wasn’t this headline news? In America, the CDC simply stopped collecting data on Delta breakthrough infections. Why? They probably stopped because Natural Immunity was indicating that the Covid Vaccines were as worthless has the annual flu shot. It’s medical malpractice that the US Government is refusing to even acknowledge that Natural Immunity works. This is the insanity you get when Government takes over Medicine; everything becomes political and science is no longer a consideration.

    Think about it. If you use the conservative number of 98% recovery, there is over 32,000,000 people in the US who have recovered from Covid and have Natural Immunity. Because of unreported asymptomatic cases some estimates are that over 125,000,000 people have Natural Immunity. This is because the CDC has published survival rates of 99.5% for people under 70 and almost everyone has come “in contact” with Covid. Most of our children probably have Natural Immunity. In any case, the Federal Government doesn’t know because there is no widespread program to test for antibodies in America. That is because the Government doesn’t want to know because wide spread Natural Immunity would interfere with Communist Democrat political goals. We now know the lock downs and mask don’t work. Consider, the 1918 pandemic killed over 650,000 people in the US when the population was only 103 million. Covid-19 is not the Spanish Flu and we didn’t take away people’s rights during the 1918 pandemic. Why are we allowing the Government to curtain our rights now when curtaining our rights is not based in any science and is actually contrary to long established science?

    When the Supreme Court makes Political Decisions out of fear, the Government will come back to take even more Liberty in the future. This is why the Court Should NEVER look at precedence and judge each case on it’s merits. Covid vaccines are not the Small Pox vaccine that was 99.9% effective. Small Pox had a 30% mortality rate because there were no Therapeutics to treat it at the time. Jacobson v. Massachusetts was a bad decision and should not be something the Execute Branch should be allowed to use to take Fundamental Inalienable God Given rights from the People. The situation today is totally different than in 1905 and Jacobson v. Massachusetts only dealt with a State Right, not a Federal Government Right. Historically, the States dealt with Healthcare, the Communist Democrats think differently.

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