Jonah Goldberg finds Kayleigh McEnany’s behavior “indefensible and grotesque”


Democrat Fox News host Chris Wallace, arguably a Trump hater, thinks the unmasking in Spygate is routine. To get the answer he wanted he set up the press secretary and then asked intellectual eunich and TDS victim, Jonah Goldberg, what he thought.

Goldberg is offended that a beautiful, bright, press secretary is fighting the media’s daily attacks. Goldberg finds her behavior “indefensible and grotesque” like a “Twitter troll.” He has never had a problem that we know of with media viciously attacking Trump or trying to put her down.

His proficiency with descriptive language is not supported by a temperament of a reasonable or nice man. His hate guides his words. At least he sounds hateful most of the time.

Actually, beta Goldberg is famous for his Twitter trollishness. He’s really talking about himself. His feed is grotesque.


So, here’s what he finds so repugnant (consider all the prior abuse by the media):

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