Report federal judges freed nearly 200 child abusers, murderers, rapists here illegally


Federal judges freed nearly 200 dangerous illegal aliens, according to Law Enforcement Today. Many have been convicted of child sex crimes, murder and rape.

The report was released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency this week.

In Boston, federal judges have ordered the release of 44 illegal immigrants from ICE custody.  Of those, 42 have been accused of or convicted of crimes including assault, domestic violence, rape, and drug trafficking.

Let’s look at Los Angeles, where another 52 have been freed.

Of that number, 43 have reportedly been convicted or accused of crimes such as juvenile sex offenses, homicide, child cruelty, and assault with a deadly weapon.

New York City saw 34 releases.  Among them… 32 were accused or convicted of the following:

Sexual assault, rape, drunk driving, cruelty towards a child, drug possession, or assault.

Philadelphia had 29 of 33 illegal immigrants who were released convicted or accused of voluntary manslaughter, assault, and drug trafficking.

San Francisco – eight of the 10 illegal immigrants released were convicted or accused of:

Lewd acts with a minor, robbery, burglary, and drunk driving.

Those are the ones we know about.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Getting ready for massive jailbreak in time for November elections to make Democrats victorious, no more Justice in America

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

And stupid people are astonished when vigilantism crops up now and then. I’m not defending vigilantism but you have to be sympathetic to their frustration and justification for it when actual convicted felons, these people don’t even have a right to be in our country, are released back into society to walk as free men and commit new crimes creating new victims. And the reasoning is absurd, to protect THEM from a virus with an extremely low mortality rate resulting in putting honest, law abiding citizens in danger. I’m not one but these days I would never give evidence or testimony against a vigilante. I would use the responses Hillary Clinton gave when questioned about her many crimes and dirty deeds: “I don’t recall” or “What does it matter now?”

3 years ago

Federal judges can serve for life as long as they serve using good behavior then they can be removed. This is neither good behavior good judgement or for the good of the public. It’s time to remove them in the best interest of America’s law abiding citizens especially the most vulnerable our children. Or another alternative is to declare open season on the released murderers rapists child molesters, perverts and warped minded bad judgement . judges who need a hard swift kick out of their robes and down the court house steps permanently.