TX mayor in trouble for offering an opinion from the New Testament


A Texas Mayor is in trouble for quoting accurately from the Bible. He adheres very strictly to the Bible but doesn’t want his opinion or quote to be considered anti-woman. He just wants to be allowed to offer his opinion. He offended some people and they are calling for his head.

Wylie, Texas, Mayor Eric Hogue’s remarks were made in an email to fellow city council members, which was then shared publicly on Facebook this week, NBC local reported.

The city’s mayor pro tem, Jeff Forrester, asked for Hogue’s thoughts on having members of the Christian missionary group, Youth With a Mission, lead the next prayer that starts each next council meeting.

“Sounds good. I would like that. All I asked is that those leading the public prayer be young men,” Hogue responded. He took that from the Bible and takes it literally.

Hogue, a minister of Cottonwood Church of Christ and a magician, followed up in the email by quoting two New Testament verses that he said his congregation takes “literally.”

This may not be your religion or mine, but he has the right to offer his opinion. At least that used to be the case. As a woman, I totally reject this literal interpretation, but as an American, I support his right to say it.

If people find him to be a bad mayor because of his beliefs, they can vote him out. Actually, he is not running again. What is your opinion?

You could call him an ageist or a sexist but he is following his religion and you could be wrong. He defended his viewpoint, as we said, by noting that he takes the New Testament literally in his religion.

“What I will say is a woman can do absolutely anything and everything but if we’re in a public setting, in a religious setting, the bibles teaches that she’s not to say a public prayer or to lead the singing or to deliver the sermon,” Mayor Hogue said.

He just offered an opinion and did not try to ban any woman.

Mayor Hogue said this is all politically-motivated by people upset the May election of a new mayor had to be pushed back to November because of the pandemic.

He is also NOT seeking re-election.


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