Jonathan Turley calls out CNN’s “unrelenting negative spin” in Trump stories


The media concocted a controversy about the President saying he hoped we could open the government by Easter. Since it looks like that won’t happen, CNN has decided to attack him over it. Prominent attorney Jonathan Turley sharply criticized CNN today for their “negative spin” on the President for hoping we could restart the economy by Easter.

Jonathan Turley said, “CNN is running a headline that Trump “now” claims Easter was aspirational. I have criticized Trump statements but he never said Easter was a firm deadline as opposed to his hope. The unrelentingly negative spin on stories makes it difficult for viewers to trust the media.”

President Trump made it very clear he only hoped he could open by the sacred Holy day.

The media have held his comment about Easter against the President since he said it. One writer for the NY Times saw the comment as the President conspiring with Evangelicals.

They like to pretend President Trump is at odds with his task force. No matter how many times the team expresses its satisfaction with the President’s leadership, the media writes fake stories about his supposed antagonistic relationship with his own team.

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