Joni Ernst Caught on Hot Mic! It’s Funny!


This is funny. Senator Ernst referenced one of Joe Biden’s relatives. Biden often claims his uncle was eaten by cannibals in World War II.  As Senator Ernst was walking away from the mic during some event, she told Sen. Kennedy, “Bottom line, never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.”

Of course. If the cannibals ate Joe Biden’s uncle, they probably realized he was a Biden.

Sen. Cruz’s digital tech posted the comment.

The cannibal story is one of Biden’s greatest hits. He rolls it out periodically.

There’s zero evidence his late Uncle Bosey was eaten by cannibals. The plane he was on crashed during World War II in an area without any cannibals.

Joe Biden likes to claim Ambrose Finnegan was shot down in a single-engine plane in World War II in an area with a lot of cannibals. He’s been told repeatedly that it’s not true, but he likes the story and keeps repeating it. He also likes to pretend he knew him and remembers him fondly, but Uncle Bosey died when Joe was two years old.

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