NATO Plans to Send US Troops to the European Front


The Daily Mail reports that NATO is drawing up plans to send American troops to the front lines of Europe in the event of an all-out conflict with Russia. Last year, NATO promised to send 300,000 troops. NATO is primarily the US. They selected land corridors to funnel soldiers through central Europe.

It is important to note, as Sentinel reported on May 27th that House lawmakers want automatic registration for the draft. This is allegedly for the protection of young men who don’t bother to register. In other words, they’ve chosen this time to tighten up the draft list.

Russia can’t even seem to take over Ukraine, so it’s hard to believe that they are capable of taking over all of Europe.

Plans will also include Russian contingencies in case of Russian bombardment.

We have soldiers all over the world, and we have extremely high debt. Now we’re going to be all over Europe.

The US is concerned about Russian President Putin‘s threats of “fatal consequences” for Western allies by allowing Ukraine to use US weapons on Russian soil.  NATO might be directly involved in attacking Russia. The HIMARS are highly technical, and it’s not likely they are operated by Ukrainians. NATO has sent trainers.

According to the plans, American soldiers would land at one of the five ports across Europe to allow access to the western Ukrainian border, and a fifth would reach the Russian border via Finland.

NATO already planned to place troops in the Netherlands to allow train movement towards Poland in the event of war.

More and more people are saying we are at war with Russia now. I don’t want American children to go to war against Russia. How do you feel? We’d like to hear your opinions.

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