Jordan Neely Protest/Riot Turns Violent


The New York City subway protest/riot for criminal Jordan Neely turned violent. Angry activists blocked subway trains in Manhattan and started brawls, demanding the Marine who restrained him be prosecuted for murder – without knowing all the information.

Marjorie Taylor-Green wrote on Twitter:

The Marine who stepped in to protect others is a hero. The left always chooses career violent criminals and/or drug addicts as their heroes & martyrs, and communists anarchist like AOC blow the dog whistle. Jordan Neely was a violent criminal who should have been behind bars.

Feigned anger over the death of Jordan Neely, who they didn’t even know, is over the death of a man threatening passengers. He has been doing this for at least ten years, and was arrested over 40 times.

No one helped him. After 42 arrests, someone should have helped him. Instead of putting illegal aliens up, help people like Mr. Neely so he doesn’t terrorize riders.

Photos and videos captured the protest group taking over the Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street subway stop on the Upper East Side on Saturday evening.

Democrat-endorsed protesters/rioters were standing on the tracks prominently displaying their protest signs, calling for justice in the death of Jordan Neely, 30. They call it the chokehold protest, but it’s a typical leftist New York City protest/riot over a black man’s death.

AOC and Gov. Hochul incited the rioters.

The city should start doing its damn job!

Hard-left Democrats are destroying New York City. Photo via Daily BS.

Video posted on Twitter by independent photojournalist Rebecca Brannon shows protesters pushing a man away from a subway car. Another video by Brannon showed protesters on a subway track, blocking a train from entering the station. At least one police officer was injured, Brannon reported.

“Our city is in crisis,” one man told Brannon in a video posted on Twitter. “Our city is going down the drain,” Daily BS reported.

Mr. Neely was very dangerous.

Mr. Neely Tried to Kidnap a 7-Year-Old Girl.

BLM’s new hero Jordan Neely is a violent criminal who, in 2015, dragged a 7-year-old girl down a street in an attempted kidnapping for which he received four months in prison. At the time of his death, there was an active warrant for Mr. Neely’s arrest for felony assault.

The New York Daily News Gave Us Some Details About Mr. Neely’s Arrest Record:

Neely was arrested 42 times across the last decade, with his most recent bust in November 2021 for slugging a 67-year-old female stranger in the face as she exited a subway station in the East Village, cops said.

The senior citizen suffered a broken nose, fractured orbital bone when knocked to the sidewalk, and swelling and “substantial” head pain after hitting the ground.

Neely eventually pleaded to felony assault and received 15 months in an alternative-to-incarceration program that, if completed, would have allowed him to plead to misdemeanor assault and get a conditional discharge.

But a warrant was issued for his arrest on Feb. 23, when he skipped a court compliance court date where a judge was to be updated on whether he was meeting all the program requirements. On June 27, 2019, Neely was arrested for punching a 64-year-old man in the face during a fight in a Greenwich Village subway station, cops said.

And he was busted in August 2015 for attempted kidnapping after he was seen dragging a 7-year-old girl down an Inwood street. He pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to four months in jail.

New York City is pro-criminal and treat these crimes as non-crimes, unles the criminal is white.

According to the Daily News, most of his other arrests were for low-level crimes, many for turnstile jumping.

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