Josh Hawley obliterated Dems during Senate hearing in a perfect speech


Bill O’Reilly, who has known Donald Trump for thirty years, said in his daily message this morning that the White House told him President Trump is “tormented” by this election because he firmly believes it was stolen. “Usually a resilient guy, he is bitter about the election believing fraud cost him another four years,” O’Reilly said.

“No one on earth will be able to dissuade the President,” he added.

He suffered untold and unfair abuse 24/7 during his term with little to no support. Yes, 74 million voted for him, but he lost anyway. Half the country lost to a senile hack and a communist running mate.

He is not alone. Many Americans believe the election was stolen, and many more are as troubled as he is.


Senator Josh Hawley said everyone back home believes the election was rigged. They are normal, reasonable folks who believe they were disenfranchised. This was after four years of a Russia hoax, and now the same people are told to sit down and shut up, he continued.

After years of delegitimizing the Trump election, it is not unpatriotic for them to now question this election. Yet, Democrats, and Democrat media, insist it is.

Hawley also talked about the suppression of the Hunter tapes and the censorship of differing opinions.

This was epic as he shredded the Democrats, and trashed mail-in voting without adequate safeguards.

Where are the Republicans? Not in his corner, and we will soon see another corrupt election of two senators.




  1. Will the Rubicon be crossed? Kudos for all the speeches but that time is coming to a close and you will have to choose freedom or the not so comfortable or safe statist boot to the face.
    Doubtful that our external enemies will just sit idly by as the once great republic is ripped apart.
    China fancies themselves a people’s republic but we know that is just words like the Deutsche Democratische Republik (DDR) of East Germany.
    We don’t want the comrade’s collective “republic” and we do still have some say in the matter.

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