Josh Hawley suggests a big government solution to the $15 hourly wage


Josh Hawley has come up with a plan that doesn’t sound very conservative. He wants to settle the $15 an hour wage debate, and why? So the Democrats can pass that $1.9 trillion socialist monstrosity with Republican support?

His solution is equally unappetizing to some of us. He wants to only require big businesses to pay the $15 an hour wage. While they probably can afford it, they will simply pass this cost on to the consumers. In addition, once in place, it will eventually be extended to all businesses.

Also, the principle of having a special tax for the rich, in addition to our progressive tax system, isn’t a great idea.

At the same time, he wants a Blue Collar Bonus. That bill would provide a tax credit to those who make less than the median hourly wage of $16.15 an hour, also indexed to inflation in the future. The credit would be “worth 50 percent of the difference between the median wage and the worker’s hourly wage rate.”

It’s just another burdensome big government intervention, and it’s wealth redistribution.

Please, Congress, stop helping us.

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