Journalist Faces Prison Over the Nashville Trans Killer’s Manifesto


For no legitimate reason, the Nashville transgender murderer’s manifesto was concealed by authorities. Murderer Audrey Hale killed three adults and three nine-year-old children at the Covenant School.

A source released the document to the conservative online outfit, The Tennessee Star. The manifesto proved it was hidden to conceal the fact that one of the reasons she killed six people was because they were Christians.

The journalist who published the manifesto has now been ordered to court by a judge who will likely imprison him if he doesn’t reveal his source.

On Monday, Chancellor I’Ashea Myles of Davidson County ordered Michael Patrick Leahy, Editor and publisher at The Tennessee Star, to appear in court. The judge wants to hold him in contempt for not releasing his source.

Leahy filed an emergency motion to stay her order, but the court is apparently too busy with slip-and-fall cases while ignoring the more serious case of sending a journalist to prison for doing what he is constitutionally protected to do.

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