Joy Behar goes off on Rep Mike Kelly over the drug he took while ill with COV


Joy Behar, not known for her intelligence, went bonkers on Rep. Mike Kelly. He told her he took Hydroxychloroquine when he had Cov-19. She can’t believe anyone with a “brain would take that stuff.”

Why wouldn’t he take the drug?

Behar is afflicted with terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome.



  1. I had never watched the View, so a couple of years ago, I did watch one show just to see what it was. Laughed my backside off. Never thought there so many dummies could be gathered one one place without sucking the entire universe in to a black hole. Collectively, they don’t have two brain cells to rub together. A bag of hammers have more intelligence.

  2. Behar goes off on career politician, multi-million dollar Mike Kelly ? So what !

    Kelly has not had a in-person townhall meeting in YEARS. He has voted to fund and renew the Deep State’s Patriot Act. Oh, and did I mention neocon hawk Kelly was a rich-boy draft dodger during the Vietnam War ?

    I have little use for Blowhard Behar. But, I have no use for this chickenhawk scoundrel Mike Kelly !

    • We see then, you were unable to address the issue, and you prefer Behar over Kelly.

      You don’t follow matters. For example, Behar is rich. To you her money from spreading nonsense is OK, and Kelly’s is no good.

  3. First off, who gives a flying F what these women think? Orange man is bad. He likes this med. It must be bad. If he said that is garbage, dems would be like cavemen. Me like Hydroxychloroquine. Umm good.

    I guarantee if a close family relative of hers came down with Covid and the doctor said I am putting you on Hydroxychloroquine although she may not like it she would take it or allow a relative to have it. What do you think Chris Cuomo took? Hmm?

    I just wish the media would stop covering these bitches. No one cares about them. Whoopi hasn’t been significant since Ghost. What did Behar ever do other than this show? It is like a cast of misfits and hasbeens trying to preach what should and shouldn’t be done.

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