Joy Reid & Guest Want Ivanka to Go to Jail to Get President Trump


Terrible idiotic people

The Manhattan DA is investigating the President’s inaugural committee spending in the hopes of finding a crime. Joy Reid and her airhead guests used this as a jumping off point for discussion. Everything they said was conjecture and they had not one fact. They do want to see Ivanka imprisoned. One guest seemed to think there will be lots of crimes unfolding — any day now.

Elie Mystal couldn’t understand why all the gossip surrounding the President isn’t enough to get him.

At one point, they discussed possible tax crimes, embezzlement, and wire fraud although they had no evidence or facts. It would be funny except there are a whole lot of people just like them working in positions of power.

Joy Reid and guest, Elie Mystal, would like to hurt Trump by targeting his children. They zeroed in on Ivanka.


Mystal said to Reid, “Do you remember in ‘The Firm,’ how Tom Cruise brings down the entire mob on overbilling? In these reports, what we have is Ivanka Trump, as part of the Trump organization, overbilling the inaugural committee.”

“That could be it right there. What we now have — this is the first time — look, we’ve talked a lot about Don Jr., we know now he was at the Trump Tower meeting, we talked a lot about Eric because he seems to be Fredo.” [But how can that be? Rush calls Chris Cuomo Fredo. Mystal stole that from Rush.]

“This is the first time that we have Ivanka—which is like the only kid he likes—in the crosshairs,” Mystal continued. “She apparently, according to these reports, was involved with overcharging the inaugural committee, and somebody had to tell her: this is going to look bad when we get audited.”

“For a long time, I thought that the only way we are really going to get to Trump is if you go after his kids. If you put the kids in legal peril, that’s the only thing that’s going to shock him out of his lying, deceitful, cocoon. And this could be the way to do it.”

“There is this finding that people — we’re going to talk about this later in the show — that you can’t indict a sitting President. But it doesn’t say anything about a sitting President’s daughter,” Reid added gleefully.

This crew is vile. They want to go after Trump’s children, hopefully, put them in jail, to get Trump.

That’s sick.

In addition, pretty much nothing they stated as fact is true.

Listen to the hateful drones: 

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