Sen. Feinstein’s Outrageous Lies About Death of 7-year-old Migrant Girl


No one is calling out Senator Feinstein for her bald-faced lies about the little migrant girl Jakelin Caal Maquin. She died after a grueling journey to the U.S. border that her father dragged her on.

Feinstein lied in her statement about the good people of Customs and Border Patrol and how they handled the child. These people risk their lives every day to protect this nation and deserve better.

They offered the child and her father water and food, yet Feinstein saw fit to lie about it.

Feinstein said last week that it was “illegal and simply barbaric” the way Jakelin Caal Maquin was treated by U.S. border agents, essentially faulting them for her death. But by all accounts, even that of Maquin’s father, the girl was given every resource possible when she was taken into custody after crossing a remote location on the southern border in New Mexico.

“It is illegal and simply barbaric to deny water to a young girl in custody,” she said dishonestly. That post has not been corrected.


It’s fools like Feinstein who are responsible for these millions of people flooding the border over the last decade. From 1,000 to over 3,000 a day cross our borders illegally each day, and we have no clue who these people are.

Democrats like Feinstein give them every taxpayer-funded advantage possible, including access to lawyers.

These invaders now have the gall to sue us for not having enough access to legal representation — in their opinion. Leftist groups, seeking to keep our borders open permanently, guide them in filing complaints. The people coming in are mostly ignorant and poorly educated. They aren’t coming up with these ideas on their own.

The migrants, via the leftist lawyers, don’t want restrictions of phone calls, no matter the cost, they want speedy mail delivery, and face-to-face access to lawyers in the detention centers.

All of this is a product of the insanity of the Democratic Party today. They invite the world to invade, erasing our borders, and once the invaders arrive, they have their backs. Then they lie about it.

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