Juan Williams blames white supremacists for the Antifa-BLM ‘protests’


Why does Juan get a paycheck? He appears on whatever Fox News show, particularly The Five, and aggravates everyone with lies and talking points.

The woman who shared this next clip seems to think Juan is telling the truth. Right-wing loons are minuscule. The riots are driven by far-left groups — communists, and anarchists.

Juan Williams insists white supremacists are the problem. Many of the rioters are the infamous Bernie Bros now pushing for Joe Biden.

Williams condemned his colleagues for criticizing Black Lives Matter while he says, white supremacists, run wild. It’s absolutely not true. Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization and they are Marxists. They are the problem as is Antifa.

After Juan’s false allegation, they cut to commercial, probably to avoid a drawn-out argument. The Twitterati claim he left them speechless, but it was more like exhausted.

It is clear from what Attorney General Bill Barr said, the riots are the work of Antifa and other far-left organizations including Black Lives Matter.

In this clip, Juan tries to make white supremacists the problem.


In this clip, Greg Gutfeld basically tells him to stop lying. No one likes Juan.


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