White Minneapolis residents won’t call police as a homeless, drug-riddled encampment grows


A Minneapolis neighborhood is overrun by a homeless encampment of as many as 300 people and growing. The progressive white residents agreed to not call the police, according to a new report.

The tent city has popped up in Powderhorn Park. It is a diverse community of 9,000 near where George Floyd was killed.

They won’t call the police because of Floyd’s death. The park is overflowing and word is getting out as hundreds flood in, bringing in traffic, drug dealers, and people overdosing. How is that helping anyone?

“I am afraid,” one of the residents, Shari Albers, told the New York Times. “I know my neighbors are around, but I’m not feeling grounded in my city at all. Anything could happen.”

They are ignoring property damage and asking for a block party permit so they can park their cars.

They called the American Indian Movement instead of the police.

These White Minneapolis people are convinced the police are dangerous, not these drug-addicted homeless people who are bringing in drug dealers. One man did call 911 and was then sorry he did. He doesn’t want to put the “boys'” in danger.

Thank the media and the Democrats for this. If you like what you see — if you support lawlessness — vote Democrat.


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