Judge Chutkan Rules Against Trump, Says He’s Not a “King”


Judge Tanya Chutkan, A compromised Obama judge, ruled on Friday that Donald Trump does not have immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct he made as a president. Trump’s legal team had requested the lawsuit accusing him of plotting to reverse his 2020 election defeat be dismissed. She said there was no legal foundation for it.

Trump will likely appeal.

Trump is the first president to face criminal charges, and Chutkan’s decision is the first to say the president is no different from any other citizen and may be charged with crimes.

It’s hard to take anything Judge Chutkan takes seriously since she is an avowed anti-Trumper and comes from a family of Jamaican communists.

However, her decisions might stand.

The US Department of Justice has maintained an internal policy not to charge a serving president, but there are no such limits on the president after he leaves office. There is a legal rule known as sovereign immunity, which means that presidents cannot be held personally responsible for official decisions. Trump’s attorney said that he is absolutely immune.

If he’s not, certainly Joe Biden’s not.

Democrats have waged lawfare against Donald Trump and anything or anyone that would make America great or would put America first. Their civilian operatives – leftist organizations like CREW or the ACLU – will fight for open borders and criminals, but they won’t fight for America first.

Judge Chutkan said that his “four years as Commander in Chief did not bestow on him the divine right of kings to evade the criminal accountability that governs his fellow citizens.” She also made use of the now familiar democrat phrase no one’s above the law [except, of course, Democrats, and especially Joe Biden and his son and his brother, the rest of the clan.]

Chtukan makes a lot of bizarre comments. She’s an angry judge.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

I get kick out of thee “star” judges and their grand-standing.
Bide is the one acting like a king, not Trump.
Well she is Democrat and follows the pattern of falsely charging a Republican with the greatest weakness of your own candidate.