Judge Halts Deportation of United Families, ACLU Wants Taxpayers to Cover Costs


San Diego-based U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw ordered the pause in a case filed by the ACLU until at least July 23 while he considers making it permanent. The order halts deportations of reunited illegal alien families. The ACLU also wants taxpayers to pay for any costs they incurred.

Sabraw is an activist judge pushing back against the President’s immigration policies which are based on federal immigration law.


The court filing came after San Diego Judge Dana M. Sabraw ordered the Trump administration to reunite more than 2,000 children with their families by July 26. The parents were separated when they were imprisoned. One in five illegals coming with children are criminals.

The unAmerican ACLU filed a case demanding the government [taxpayers] pay the costs, even superfluous costs, of reuniting the lawbreaking families.

This is what the ACLU believes taxpayers must pay the lawbreakers:

One complaint reported to the Southern California District Court that a person was required to pay $1,900 to Western Union in order for reunification. Another complaint was about a parent having to cancel a plane ticket for the child after discovering that somebody else paid for the ticket, according to the document.

The judge will likely make taxpayers pay for their costs. Prior to this, the lawbreaking parents paid for the costs they were responsible for incurring by coming in illegally.


Thanks to this activist judge, expect cartels to send only “families”, even if they have to buy or steal the children. More people will take children on this very dangerous journey, and more economic migrants, terrorists, and criminals will come illegally for our benefits and to change our culture.

They will be rewarded for breaking the law at taxpayers’ expense. Expect many new “immigrants” to see themselves as entitled, demanding more socialism and communism to support their lifestyle. These are the people we are inviting in, not the ones who come legally for our values.

Sabraw is the son of a legal Japanese immigrant. He is probably acting out of kindness but he is not following the law which makes him an activist. He is catering to the unAmerican ACLU, which regularly twists the law for their leftist agenda.

Activist judges are step-by-step, dismantling immigration law. Every ruling is another invitation to come into the United States illegally and to put illegal immigrants welfare over that of citizens.

America was founded by settlers, not immigrants, by the way.


This is an older report — it’s much worse now. There are no real repercussions for illegal immigration. We don’t even know who these people are.

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