Judge Jeanine Calls for Speaker Ryan to Step Down


Judge Jeanine is calling for Speaker Ryan to step down in the wake of the tumultuous failure of the Republican healthcare bill. Ryan did not bring in the votes needed to support the bill he had seven years to work on, Judge Jeanine said.

It failed while Republicans have the Congress and the presidency and it did so in the first 70 days of the President’s administration. Ryan, the judge believes, with all his experience, sold Trump a bill of goods.

This is not on President Trump. A businessman was not expected to fully understand the legislative process or the players involved. Ryan, on the other hand, knew these legislators and these demands, Judge Jeanine points out.

Ryan knew he had to rely on Republicans. The judge wants to know how he could not have known this would go down and that the votes weren’t there. Where was Scalise?

Why did the administration take on healthcare first? The administration likely did it because Ryan told them there was support.

The President has handled it all with dignity, she said.

Trump wanted to do tax cuts first. Now he will have problems with the tax cuts because the Freedom Caucus has been emboldened and will dig in their heels.

Ryan’s failure has hurt the President and he needs to go, the Judge concluded.

She elaborated on Ryan’s lack of loyalty and wants to know what his agenda is and puts forth what she thinks it is.

What do you think? Who will we get in his place if he does have the decency to go? Don’t forget that many Republicans are liberal and reside in liberal states. They demand representation too.


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