Judge Merchan Warns [Threatens] DJT Over Gag Order


Judge Merchan warned Donald Trump, or is threatened a better word? Merchan warned him about violating the gag order. Alvin Bragg, who brought the absurd case, said Donald Trump violated the gag order ten times.

This morning before the trial, Donald Trump said witness Michael Cohen – the convicted liar who is testifying against him – “wasn’t very good” at his job. “He put in a bill, calling it a legal expense, and I got indicted for that.” That brings the violations to eleven.

The gag order prevents Donald Trump from speaking about any of the witnesses, the judge, the DA, the judge’s daughter, who is fundraising off the trial, and others. In other words, they can bash and leak against him all day long, but he cannot respond.

Donald Trump’s attorneys this morning tried to explain that he does it in response to attacks by people like hooker Stormy or Michael Cohen, but the judge said Trump’s attorneys did not present evidence.

He told Trump’s Attorney Blanche he is “losing credibility with the court.”

Bragg, who rarely met a violent criminal he will prosecute, said Donald Trump’s comments are a “very real threat to the trial.” He wants $11,000 for the eleven alleged infractions. The threat of prison hangs over Donald Trump.

Democrats are going wild on X, demanding prison for the duration of the trial while he is trying to campaign.

The report came from NBC ‘News’.

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