California Builds $1M Apartments for the Homeless with Tax $$$.


Santa Monica has approved a new apartment complex for the homeless, costing a staggering $1 million per unit. California will go bankrupt and get bailed out. Some of the money comes from federal funds (federal taxpayers). Newsom plans to release $1 billion next week, but no plan has been attached. This must be ‘Build Back Better.’

Since most homeless are mentally ill or drug addicts or both, expect the apartments to be destroyed within six months. That’s what goes on in New York. Also, now that we’re taking in millions of people illegally from all over the world, they, too, are becoming homeless. We also have to pay for them.

Welcome to socialism, where everyone becomes poor. It’s the ideology of greed and envy, but under the guise of humanitarianism.

Isn’t a million dollars too much, even for the most ideological Democrat?

The $123 million project will include just 122 units.

Homeless in San Francisco

$1 Billion More with No Plan

Just days before the approval, an audit found California spent $24 billion to tackle homelessness between 2018-2023 but did not consistently track whether that massive outpouring of public money actually did anything to help the problem.

That’s how careful politicians are with taxpayer dollars.

The homeless count in California has only gone up, and the problem has gotten worse.

Super wealthy snob Gov. Newsom and the legislature throw taxpayer money at problems but have absolutely no plan.

Newsom had recently withheld $1 billion for the homeless, but at a meeting with 100 mayors and local officials, he said he would release the money as early as next week. He wants more aggressive action to get people off the streets. According to what was said after the meeting, no actual plan was discussed, and nothing has changed.

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