Judge Releases Teen Gunman After Shooting at a Car – 26 Rounds


In addition to funding corrupt leftist district attorneys and attorneys general, the Soros family funds or pushes for woke judges and sheriffs. It appears to go both ways.

Judge Lloyd U. Nolan Jr, who boasts that he is WOKE, donates to George Soros. He might be working on his Soros bona fides to become a real judge.

Magistrate Judge Lloyd Nolan Jr. on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia faced furious backlash after he released 18-year-old Amonte Moody, 18, after he allegedly sprayed a quiet DC neighborhood with 26 rounds from his brand new AR-15 as witnessed on video.

Out on bail

According to The Daily Mail, the 18-year-old allegedly let off 26 rounds. He did it while targeting a car of four people at 2:30 am on April 22. Ring doorbell footage captured the suspect shooting wildly from the hip with the assault rifle.

After he allegedly opened fire, prosecutors say that Moody rushed back inside a nearby residence, disassembled the AR-15, and hid the pieces in the attic.

The concealed gun was only found after several searches by cops, and Moody was later charged with endangerment of a firearm, possession of a weapon, and assault.

The filing reported that Moody “littered the street with shell casings” and “anyone who happened to walk into that street at that moment could have been killed as an innocent bystander.”

“Everyone in the car the defendant targeted was at risk. Every resident of that street was at risk,” the filing read.

Prosecutors argued that house arrest and GPS monitoring are insufficient for keeping the community safe. Judge Nolan excused his bad judgment, saying Moody doesn’t have an arrest record and has strong family support.

Sure, we see how that worked out.

The neighbors are infuriated.

it must have something to do with racism. Woke-ism put the blame for everything on racism and white people.

Watch the full video. The shooting is graphic, so be forewarned:

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