Judge Roy Moore Is Still Ahead of the Progressive by Ten Points


Emerson College released a poll late Sunday to determine how former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was faring against Democratic opponent Doug Jones. Moore is down from his 22-point lead but he is still ahead by 10 points.

The poll, conducted November 9-11, has Moore leading Jones by a 55 percent-to-45 percent margin, down from the 22-point lead Moore had in a poll Emerson conducted from September.

The poll also showed that only 28 percent of respondents were impacted by the Post’s report.

Americans simply don’t believe the media. There have been too many UVA’s, Duke LaCrosse’s, Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom victims, and fake news stories against the President.

The Moore story as told by alleged victim Leigh Corfman is disgusting and some people are ready to decorate Roy Moore with tar and attach some feathers, then there are those who believe it’s absolutely a left-wing attack on a good man. A good case can be made for both positions but some of us simply don’t know, we don’t want to convict or absolve. No one needs to worry since this allegedly happened nearly forty years ago and the Senate has a process to banish perverts.

There is only one legitimate claimant in the Moore accusations though four women have come forward. Creepy dating of the three other girls who were of legal age does not count, though very distasteful to many of us.

The woman who was 14 at the time does horrify, but then one must ask why now? Another question that comes up, is whether there such a thing as a statute of limitations if the judge has since lived an exemplary life? We don’t have the answers but so far Alabama is sticking with the judge, mostly because they don’t trust the media — at all. That is a sorry state of affairs.

RINOs are knocking each other over to get to the door, ready to trample Moore, but the RINOs are the ones that helped Judge Moore win. When word went out that Mitch McConnell was funding Luther Strange’s candidacy to the tunes of tens of millions of dollars, his candidacy nosedived.

Having Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and John McCain condemn the judge won’t hurt Moore with many Alabamans and many other Americans. Those guys are willfully out of touch.

On the other hand, in the end, Judge Moore didn’t help himself during his ‘Hannity’ interview. He sounded weak at one point, and that is one reason GOP supporters are fleeing.

In the end, some voters are willing to take their chances on Moore over the Progressive Doug Jones. They will hold their proverbial noses and vote for Moore and pray he’s not guilty.

Depending on how this flushes out in the next few weeks, if no more negative news comes out, Moore’s still on a path to win.

Emerson College professor Spencer Kimball, who supervised the poll, explained on the Emerson College poll podcast that accompanied the release of the poll that there was a partisan divide when came to the impact of the Post report.

“We got into the field on Thursday night,” he said. “These allegations came out Thursday morning or so, and gave them in the field until last night. So, we saw that about 28 percent of voters said this is going to make a difference for us.

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