Judge rules Kentucky in-church services ban is unconstitutional, “The Constitution will endure”


U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove halted Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s ban on in-person church services. He called it unconstitutional. This comes after two other courts ruled in the governor’s favor.

“The Constitution will endure,” reads the opinion. “It would be easy to put it on the shelf in times like this, to be pulled down and dusted off when more convenient. But that is not our tradition. Its enduring quality requires that it be respected even when it is hard.”

The AP reported that the judge urged Kentucky’s attorney general to apply the injunction statewide, not solely to Tabernacle.

“Both rulings affirm that the law prohibits the government from treating houses of worship differently than secular activities during this pandemic,” Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Republican, said in a statement late Friday.

People who don’t want to take the risk now have their rights back. They can stay home. The government has been removed from the equation.

This is a message to Illinois Governor Pritzker who says he might keep churches closed for a year. Even in states where gatherings are now approved, churches are closed. This must end. Religion is essential for many Americans.

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