Jury Asks Questions About Drone Video & Judge Reviews Mistrial Request


The Rittenhouse jury is asking questions about viewing the drone files, which suggests the jury is seriously examining the provocation claim which could negate the self-defense claim.

Prosecutor Kraus is responding to being accused of fraudulently providing a blurred drone video compared to the higher quality video.

The defense had asked for a mistrial with prejudice after not being given the better drone video prior to closing.

The mistrial request is based on the State failing to provide the defense with the high-definition drone video in its possession, instead merely providing the defense with a low-resolution version of that video, as well as on other grounds.

The prosecution is playing dumb and said what does it matter if the defense was okay with the clearer video.

The defense says the clear video proves self-defense.

It’s not likely the Judge will declare a mistrial.

Live Video:
Tim Pool feels it is still the prosecutions’ fault:

This is the mistrial request:

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