Just a Weekly Meeting of Trump Hating Political and Legal Commentators


The nation’s most well-known political and legal commentators meet weekly on Zoom calls; they have a commonality: they hate Trump. An article in Politico downplayed the meeting. The author noted that when he spoke to members, they were shocked that he knew. They feared he’d misrepresent their harmless meeting, and who knows what the right would do with that.

Many of these people are well-known as liars and Obama operatives who continuously bash Trump on air, in print, and wherever there is an audience.

The article’s author, Ankush Kraardori, is glad he and other reporters aren’t invited to the call because the discussions might leak.

Nothing to see there!

Things they discuss are J6, and Trump’s various trials. I envision the brightest leftist minds assisting in these persecutions, but I don’t want to sound conspiratorial.

Oh, by the way, Norm Eisen, one of the leading anti-Trump operatives, is at the Bragg trial regularly and on his phone as he gets information.

I think this qualifies as lawfare, but what do I know? However, look at who attends.

Excerpts from the Politico report of the people involved:

The regular attendees on Eisen’s call include Bill Kristol, the longtime conservative commentator, and Laurence Tribe, the famed liberal constitutional law professor. John Dean, who was White House counsel under Richard Nixon before pleading guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with Watergate, joins the calls, as does George Conway, a conservative lawyer and co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Andrew Weissmann, a longtime federal prosecutor who served as one of the senior prosecutors on Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation and is now a legal analyst for MSNBC, is another regular on the calls. Jeffrey Toobin, a pioneer in the field of cable news legal analysis, is also a member of the crew. The rest of the group includes recognizable names from the worlds of politics, law, and media.

Dec. 1, 2009. Then, President Obama and the Vice President were headed for a short walk from the White House to the Eisenhower Executive Office building, where they briefed congressional leaders on his new Afghanistan strategy that he would publicly unveil at West Point that night.

Sometimes, there is a special guest, like the Jan. 6 committee staffers (who recalled briefing the group). One Friday last May, after E. Jean Carroll defeated Trump in the first of her two defamation cases to go to trial, her lawyer Roberta Kaplan joined as a guest to talk for roughly half an hour about her strategy for beating Trump in court. Another time, J. Michael Luttig, a conservative legal scholar and former judge who helped lead the public campaign to disqualify Trump under the 14th Amendment, showed up to make his case.

Other regulars include Ryan Goodman, an NYU law school professor who often collaborates with Weissmann; Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor and occasional contributor to POLITICO Magazine; Asha Rangappa, a former FBI Special Agent focused on counterintelligence investigations who currently serves as an ABC news contributor and also co-hosts a podcast with Mariotti; Shan Wu, another former federal prosecutor, a regular contributor to theDaily Beast and a veteran cable news talker; and Norman Ornstein, a long-time political observer affiliated with the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Obama-era U.S. Attorney Harry Litman “recently hosted a subset of the group for “a very different, special episode” of his podcast where they discussed Trump’s criminal cases. Eisen, Rubin, Mariotti, Toobin, McCord, Dean, Ornstein, Agnifilo, Vance, Wu, and Honig were all in attendance. It was a lively exchange of views with some limited points of disagreement — and it was also, with all due respect to everyone involved, instantly disposable.

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