Summer of Love as Communist Youth Destroy Humboldt CalPoly


Despite federal and state authorities’ threats, students aren’t backing down. After renaming Seimens Hall “Intifada Hall,” they occupied a second building and redecorated the President’s office as part of the liberated zone.

They are setting up a Chaz-style summer of love occupation at the Humboldt CalPoly University. It is California.

The idea of occupation began on Wall Street with communists and fascists. The radicals implementing the plan of funders from Bloomberg, Ford Foundation, Open Society, and others were upset it was an all-white occupation. What followed were black protests and riots – Trayvon Martin, the gentle giant Michael Brown, and George Floyd. Then, the organizers decided to unite radical Islamists. The Hamas-Israel war gave them an opportunity.

Don’t doubt that anti-Semitism enters into this, but the ultimate goal is to unite the worst elements of society for a revolution like the one Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama called for to transform the United States.

This isn’t an organic protest. They aren’t anti-war or people who care about Gazan children. What we are seeing are the ravages of the worst Marxist-Leninists in our society who have worked at this for decades. They’re patient.

Watch the former KGB agent explain what is happening.

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