Just in: Court of Appeals gives both parties in Flynn case ten days & there’s new evidence


As most now know, General Michael Flynn, who was President Trump’s short-lived-National Security Adviser, was framed, threatened with the Logan Act, and a probe into his son by the FBI. He was compelled to cop to a lie and resign in disgrace. Newly-released documents (below) show that the Mueller team lied and knew Flynn was innocent from the day of the interview with him.

He was financially destroyed as well. Attorney Sidney Powell took over his case and pursued the FBI misconduct. The DOJ asked the Judge, Emmett Sullivan, to dismiss the case. He wouldn’t do it and called for an anti-Flynn lawyer to argue for the case to go forward. Flynn’s attorney then filed a Writ of Mandamus and the three-judge panel voted with Flynn. However, Judge Sullivan refused to accept that decision and called for a hearing with the full court.

That brings us to today and the full court’s response.

Just in, the Court of Appeals gives the parties 10 days to argue for/or against a full panel hearing. Then, the Court of Appeals will decide whether to hear “en banc” or reject Judge Sullivan’s request. Pending the outcome, the June 24 Court of Appeals order to dismiss Flynn is suspended.

Sullivan has his own attorney, Beth Wilkinson, who wrote in her filing that the panel’s decision threatens to turn ordinary judicial process upside down…

Newly-Revealed & Heavily Redacted Strzok Notes

New FBI documents from the day after the meeting with NSA Flynn were hidden by the FBI for three years. they contain exculpatory information. In a summary after the FBI interview of then-NSA Michael Flynn, agent Strzok wrote, “…FBI prompted Flynn with language used during the call and he still denies having the conversation [about sanctions]. FBI advised that they believed Flynn believed what he was saying was true. FBI recognized the discrepancy between the statements and the actual calls, but determined Flynn was not acting as an agent of Russia. FBI advised that the decision was made by DFBI leadership not to confront Flynn with the actual tech cuts.”

They knew this the day after the meeting but later pursued the probe anyway.

The DOJ nixed any Logan Act prosecution immediately.

Flynn had an innocent conversation about the sanctions but likely forgot.

Techno Fog Posted the Filings:

US v Flynn – DOJ July 2020 … by Techno Fog on Scribd

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