Justice Urges Court to Deny Bannon’s Request to Delay Prison


The Department of Justice is asking a federal appeals court to deny former Trump adviser Steve Bannon‘s attempt to delay his prison sentence pending appeal.

Bannon filed an emergency motion to avoid going to prison on July 1 after being convicted on contempt of Congress charges. In a filing on Monday, the DOJ contends that Bannon has failed to “justify what would be an extraordinary exception to the general rule of detention following conviction and an unsuccessful appeal.”

The extraordinary exception is he is a key player in Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Bannon also cannot reconcile his claim for special treatment with the bedrock principle of equal justice under the law. Even-handed application of the bail statute requires Bannon’s continued detention,” the filing said.

Equal justice? Attorney General Merrick Garland just refused to respond to a congressional subpoena, the crime Steve Bannon was convicted of. Garland even used the same reasoning – he doesn’t view the committee as legitimate. The DOJ said that Attorney General Garland did not commit a crime due to executive privilege, which Bannon also asserted as an advisor to then-president Donald Trump.

Bannon’s position is exceptional. What is the urgent need to lock him up other than to influence the election?

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