Chicago Mayor’s Reparations Task Force Continues His Grift


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson extended his grift by forming a task force to explore reparations for Black Chicagoans, allocating $500,000 to the city’s 2024 budget. The task force aims to study historical harms and recommend remedies to address Chicago’s legacy of inequity.

Apparently, black people are oppressed victims.

Johnson claims Chicago’s problems are due to systemic racism. He’s assigning $500,000 to study reparations. They allegedly have racist roads, pollution, crime, ‘gun’ violence, lack of employment opportunities, education, health issues, etc.

For Juneteenth, his new task force will study historic harms and recommend remedies as “a pledge to shape the future of our city by confronting the legacy of inequity that has plagued Chicago for far too long.”

Their problems have much more to do with Democrat leadership since 1931. And what about personal responsibility?

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