Justin Amash Says Republicans Are Forever Tarnished


No Republicans, not even one, voted for the impeachment bill that Democrats are calling an impeachment inquiry. Fake Libertarian and Globalist, Justin Amash would have liked it to be bipartisan but he was kicked out of the House caucus and became an Independent.

If he had stayed a Republican a bit longer, he could have declared the bill bipartisan. C’est la vie!

Moralizing Amash votes with Democrats much of the time and he took to Twitter on Thursday to call out GOP lawmakers.

“This president will be in power for only a short time, but excusing his misbehavior will forever tarnish your name. To my Republican colleagues: Step outside your media and social bubble. History will not look kindly on disingenuous, frivolous, and false defenses of this man,” he tweeted.

Amash’s family has investments in places Trump is hitting with tariffs, like China. Perhaps that is a motivating force for his Never Trumpism.



  1. Justin Amash you forget you no longer have Republican “colleagues” because you are not a Republican. Hope you get voted out.

  2. He is correct in that the Republican brand is tarnished by allowing the likes of him and Romney and others to forever leave a bad smell around the Republican name.

    Time to take out the garbage and clear the air. Vote Romney and the rest out ASAP.

  3. Looking forward to kicking this congressman to the curb as are many in my district that supported him with our votes and dollars… Good Riddance!!!!

  4. The party of Obama and all of his sons along side the rest of the democrat party are the true story of graft and tarnish. Never before has our nation been raped so badly. Yes, I call it rape, against America. Done by the biggest fraud ever.

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