Justin Trudeau’s Brother Slams Him & His WOKEness


Justin Trudeau’s brother was taken off Twitter, at least temporarily, for commenting on his brother’s tweet criticizing Trudeau’s extreme vaccine policy. His half-brother – Kyle Kemper – said Justin, his mother’s son, is the victim of the global elite.

It seems that Justin tweeted people should rush to get their vaccine since it’s the only thing that can protect them from the virus.

His brother then responded, #FakeVaccine It doesn’t provide immunity. It doesn’t solve transmission. And, according to VAERs, it’s killed more people than all other vaccines in history that have been reported on VAERs.

When asked, Kemper said he doesn’t think his brother reported him to Twitter. Trudeau doesn’t even run his own Twitter profile. Kemper sees him as a puppet of the New World Order. It has caused tension with his mother who backs the WOKE PM. He said his mother is a victim of media propaganda.

You can watch Kyle Kemper on this clip or below.

More on Justin as a puppet:

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A Dancer Not A Lover
A Dancer Not A Lover
2 years ago

He ain’t my brother he’s heavy or light in the loafers.
Come on Trudeau, put on the Swami outfit and give a presser, be a man!
Fidel would be so proud.
I admit to laughing hard over that Swami photo every time.
Almost as fun as the Sprockets gifs with Kyle McLachlan going off in sporty outfit.

Jacob klegar
Jacob klegar
2 years ago

haha relateable