NBC & ChiComs Wouldn’t Allow This Ad at the Olympics


Watch the ad below that NBC and the Chinese communists don’t want you to see. Keep in mind that US companies do business with China despite the fact that they steal our secrets, maintain slave labor camps, and kill people with opposing opinions en masse.

They sell prisoners’ organs. Yet US companies cave to their demands.

Axios reports that the Chinese government is increasingly using its economic weight to reshape global behavior and strengthen its own authoritarianism. Corporations are turning over all their secrets and technology while remaining mum on their human rights abuses.

Companies are left to fend for themselves so they cave.

Obeying the CCP results in reshaping global behavior and strengthening the beast.


Some of the Companies Suspected of Using Forced Labor

The following companies are suspected of directly employing forced labor or sourcing from suppliers that are suspected of using forced labor:

  • Adidas
  • Badger Sportswear (has since committed to stop sourcing from the XUAR)
  • Calvin Klein
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • COFCO Tunhe Company
  • Costco
  • Esquel Group
  • Esprit
  • H&M
  • Hetian Taida
  • Huafu Fashion Company
  • Kraft Heinz Company
  • Litai Textiles
  • Nike, Inc.
  • Patagonia, Inc.
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Urumqi Shengshi Huaer Culture Technology Company
  • Yili Zhuo Wan Garment Manufacturing Company
  • Zhihui Haipai Internet of Things Technology Company

Using slave labor is slavery. It’s not indirect. It’s direct slavery.

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2 years ago

I started putting down “Made in China” products several years ago. I’ve not walked into a Wal-Mart “Chinese Crap Market Outlet” in years.

I buy several American flags each year…all “Made in USA”. (The same company sells Made in China flagpoles…I do not buy them. I make my own.)

Paying higher prices for higher quality American made products is worth the cost. I have on a pair of indoor/outdoor, Russell Sheepskin Lined Moccasins that I purchased in 2017. I wear them around the house and on short trips every day. They still have years of wear left in them. Even though they were made in Berlin, they were made in America!


As claimed in that link, the moccasins have become molded to my feet. There’s now a little indentation for each toe, and larger ones for the ball and heel of each foot.

To weddings and funerals, I wear shoes made by a manufacturer that started making high quality shoes in 1922. Though it was in Belgium, they too are made in America. Allen Edmonds all leather wingtips.


I’ve had these for over 15 years now and they still look brand new…even the bottoms of the leather soles. I expect them to last until well after I become dead. I plan to bequeath them to whichever of my grandsons they happen to fit.

For long walks, I prefer New Balance sneakers, made in the USA or in the UK.



I have no financial interest in any of these companies. I’m just recommending them as high quality products MADE IN AMERICA…worth every penny paid for them.

(Please note: Not all NB sneakers are made in America…be choosy!)

2 years ago

What we should do is make it illegal to do business as an American Company in China. ANY transfer of Technology to China or other hostile countries should be Treason. All imports to America from China should have a 100% tariff. If you want to be an American Company, you do business in America employing American workers. We should also have reciprocity with all foreign countries. If you can’t own a house, a business, land, etc. in a foreign Country then their citizens get the same treatment in America. We need President Trump back and America First Policies!

Calumet Wolverines Class Of 1984
Calumet Wolverines Class Of 1984
2 years ago

Good deal, none of that is used around here. Thanks for the do not patronize with the enemy list.
Remember when they had to remake that corn studded Red Dawn redux turd because China was depicted as the invaders?
That was over a decade ago and some people pay attention.