Kamala doesn’t have time for the border but she did get to a crochet shop


Kamala Harris doesn’t have time to visit the border, but she did find time to visit a crochet shop as she laughs at the idea of going to the border. She is apparently making her mark on the DC crochet shop.

While Harris was in the shop, the business owner pointed out the wine-colored Observatory Circle yarn that had been named in her honor. Harris bought a skein, which Romanetti understood was going to be given to Harris’s stepdaughter Ella Emhoff, a fashion student in New York who designs knitwear.

It’s a woman-owned business because identity politics is what matters to Democrats.

While she can’t find time to visit the border, she will go to Mexico and Guatemala. She sees her role during the border crisis as trying to figure out why people are coming here illegally.

She apparently doesn’t get the part about Joe Biden offering them cash, free healthcare, housing, food, education, and amnesty.

The border? Her, go to the border?

Nothing to see here:

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2 years ago

Now I know why she’s always giggling…she’s in stitches…

Victor von Rathenstein
Victor von Rathenstein
2 years ago

The cackling commie could be the something of Babylon, that page doesn’t seem so oddball now.