This is how things are going at the border


“You won’t believe this. Oversight Republicans just traveled to the southwest border and found MILES of wall pieces piled up & rusting away. This is unacceptable.” 

It’s a disgrace. Biden would rather spend millions on putting illegals up in hotels.

Morale is bad right now. Border agents are made out to be the bad guys by the administration.

“The cartels are controlling our southern border—and making millions. Biden has reassigned 700 of our Border Patrol agents to processing facilities and is refusing to take serious action to end his self-made crisis. He’s prioritizing appeasing his left-wing base,” Rep. Scalise said.

Biden is in business with the cartels. He knows that opening the border is giving business to cartels. They make about $14 million a day.

Cartels control our southern border! Think about that.

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