Kamala Doesn’t See Problems in China Relations After Balloon-gate


The Biden administration won’t admit that China is an enemy. Perhaps the Biden family’s influence peddling in China to enrich themselves has affected their decision-making.

The problem is that if they don’t recognize the seriousness of the issue, we won’t do anything to address it. China should not be making our drugs, machinery, and military equipment; Americans should be.

At first, they argued that Trump didn’t deal with the balloons during his administration. Then John Kirby tried to push the idea that Trump couldn’t find the balloons, but they did a fine job. “We detected it. We tracked it,” he said victoriously. They even suspected extraterrestrials were responsible but assured us the Chinese couldn’t be responsible for more than one balloon. That was without finding the balloons they shot down. Now, they are just going to minimize and ignore it. It’s just a bunch of balloons.

They wouldn’t shoot the first one down until it toured 40 states, and then they started to shoot down everything in sight with $400,000 missiles.

colorful balloons on a blue sky background, brazenly invading air space

Despite the latest mockery of spy balloons freely traveling across our country, Vice President Kamala Harris sees China as a competitor, not an enemy. That thinking about China and Russia began under Barack Obama. It’s called lying to yourself.

In a Tuesday interview with Politico, she told a reporter asking if relations would be affected after they traversed our air space, Kamala said she didn’t think so. “I don’t think so, no,” she said.

“Everything that has happened in the last week and a half is, we believe, very consistent with our stated approach,” she said.

They don’t or won’t realize the problem.

The US and China haven’t spoken in over ten days. They won’t answer our calls.

The number of illegal alien Chinese people is up 700%. We don’t know who these people are or why they are coming. They could be spies or worse.

Biden also said our relations are not weakened over the balloon incidents (04:00):

We shouldn’t sell America out to China or we will end up at war with them. Sen. Marsha Blackburn has proposed legislation to ban China from buying farmland near military installations. We shouldn’t need this law. The administration should automatically block it.

On top of that the Ukraine war is draining NATO’s ammunition stockpiles. 

NATO (USA) enlistments were down drastically. They will eventually draft boys and girls.

All the while China is watching.

Will an invasion of Taiwan be coming soon?

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