John Kirby Praises the Administration for Finding the Balloons


John Kirby is now trying to applaud the regime’s performance in the balloon fiasco. Kirby said the Chinese had a high-altitude balloon program tied to the Chinese military operating during the last administration, but “We detected it. We tracked it,” Kirby said.

Kirby is a complete fraud. The truth is a reporter and other civilians in Montana detected it.

He’s making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. One of his employees, the NORAD chief, Gen. Van Herck, said they’re not ruling out space aliens. Is that now off the table?

NORAD plans to lower the sensitivity on the radar. I can just see this administration chasing seagulls and Biden saying, “shoot them down.”

What he should tell us about is the latest catastrophe in the making. A report said that US military vessels are quietly being blocked by pro-China elements out of some Pacific island ports.

The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu won’t let them refuel.
A reporter for The Sunday Guardian said:

…“lack of refueling ports is stretching the U.S.’s thin naval capabilities even further, and allowing illegal Chinese fishing fleets even greater unrestricted access to the stocks of undefended nations. Not to mention PRC political warfare gains that can translate into positioning advantages in advance of kinetic activity.”

“Perhaps not coincidentally, Solomons is also home to the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency. PRC political warfare predictably targets and tries to weaken regional organizations that create cohesion and threaten its interests…”

Don’t be distracted by Chinese balloons; far worse things are happening, like the shutting down of ports and the Ukraine war.

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