Xi Fires Qin Gang Amid Reports of Sex Slaves, Thieves, and Honey Pots


China’s foreign minister Qin Gang was removed from office on Tuesday, state media reported, after not being seen in the public eye for a month. There are reports of honey pots and sex slaves.

A confidant of President Xi Jinping, he might have fallen from grace or was subject to an official investigation. According to WION News, the story going around is that he was caught in a honey pot scandal.

He has disappeared from public life or just disappeared.

“China’s top legislature voted to appoint Wang Yi as foreign minister… as it convened a session on Tuesday,” state media outlet Xinhua said.

“Qin Gang was removed from the post of foreign minister.”

No reason was given, but the report said Xi had signed a presidential order to enact the decision.

Qin was last seen in public on June 25 when he met Russia’s deputy foreign minister Andrey Rudenko in Beijing.

Initially, they said it was for health reasons. He was a good spokesperson for Xi in that he was fluent in English and backed up Xi.

China also names Pan Gongsheng as the central bank governor, the official Xinhua reports

The reports claim he had students who were sex slavers.
WION claims he was caught in a honey pot scandal.

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