Kamala Harris says hearings for Judge Barrett could kill people


Hysterical Harris now says the Supreme Court hearings will put lives at risk. Democrats are pulling out every excuse to stop the appointment and this is simply one more transparent ruse. Can we get a mute button for her? Kamala is nasty.

She tweeted, “By moving forward with Supreme Court confirmation hearings tomorrow—less than 2 weeks after members tested positive—Chairman Graham and Senate Republicans are endangering the lives of not just members and our staff, but the hardworking people who keep the Senate complex running.”

She will participate remotely from her Senate office in the Hart building. Fine! Anyone who wants to can so how is that putting lives in danger?

Harris is awful:

Chuckie wants Judge Barrett to recuse herself on the Affordable Care Act and the elections. In his dreams!

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Bulgarian Buzludzha Monument
Bulgarian Buzludzha Monument
2 years ago

@ Tim,

Kagan got it right on the 2A calling it settled law but recently ruled against Montana republicans sending mail-in ballots to all eligible voters.
That doesn’t mean that she won’t undermine the right to self-defense if the party demands it.

(h/t/-Dr. Savage)

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Chuckie wants Judge Barrett to recuse herself on the Affordable Care Act and the elections. If anybody should have recused themselves regarding Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare it should have been Elena Kagan who helped usher it through Congress as Solicitor General of the United States in the Obama Administration. There is no way that woman was not biased and prejudiced in favor of Obamacare and should have never been allowed to make a judgement in that case. Same as Kagan and Ginsberg regarding the case for homosexual marriage. Both of them were extremely biased for homosexual marriage and Ginsberg even officiated at a (illegal) homosexual marriage.

Shall We Dance
Shall We Dance
2 years ago

She reminds me of that meme with the crying woman called first world problems.
All hysteria all the time has grown so stale and tiresome.
Not everyone is a pajama boy with a sippy cup unable to cope.