Kamala Harris Won’t Be Nominated for the Supreme Court


Kamala Harris will not be nominated to the Supreme Court. Without her vote, the Senate would be deadlocked at 50-50 unless a Republican decided to vote with Democrats. Democrats would lose their majority vote.

Additionally, if Harris were to leave the vice presidency a 50/50 Senate would then be partly responsible for confirming her replacement. According to the 25th Amendment, a vice president must be confirmed by a majority vote in both houses of Congress, meaning Republicans in the Senate, or any individual Democrat, would be able to effectively stall or even stop Biden from replacing Harris.

Karl Rove discussed another aspect of this. Justice Democrats have far more popular candidates for the job and there is no love lost for Kamala. She is very disliked by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Harris is a liability but they’re stuck with her.

In the clip, Rove mentions she’s no legal eagle. That’s obvious.


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