Report: San Fran Runs an Illegal Drug Consumption Center Where Fentanyl Flows Freely


San Francisco’s leaders say the city’s supervised drug dealing & drug consumption site will help addicts quit, but trying to get addicts to quit in an environment that promotes and even celebrates drug use is doomed to fail. This is medical malpractice.

~ Michael Shellenberger, journalist and author

San Francisco officials provide rehab for drug addicts by supervising the sale and use of drugs, according to a report by journalists Michael Shellenberger and Leighton Woodhouse.

Last week, Mayor London Breed opened the Tenderloin Linkage Center for rehab services and the two reporters decided to see what was going on for themselves.

Breed recently gave a speech that would be worthy of any tough cop but that was all a fraud. She is still a radical leftist and her ideas are destined to fail if this report is accurate.

Her plan is to clean up the Linkage Center by giving addicts food, water, and hygiene services. Workers also connect them to housing options and essential health services, including detox and substance-abuse treatment.

The city also has it set up illegally as a drug consumption center. What that means is anyone could come in and use any substance they want, including methamphetamine, crack, heroin, or fentanyl.

The addicts inject or smoke, though they have to do it a few feet away from the dining and gaming tables.

According to multiple reports that the two reporters amassed, they witnessed city officials overseeing the use and dealing of drugs — specifically fentanyl — on the site. There is a constant flow of fentanyl.

Although Breed is pushing to open a “drug consumption site” legally, wherein city officials can oversee those actions, such sites are currently illegal under both federal and state law. Yet, it exists illegally, according to the authors.

“The two of us witnessed a half-dozen people smoking fentanyl in an outdoor area on the site, and two people passed out at a table,” the journalists wrote on Friday.

Violent drug dealers are everywhere and it’s unsafe, according to the journalists. What goes on in the Center spills into the outdoors.

The facility is located near Civic Center Plaza, where hundreds of dealers and users congregate night and day. Throngs of addicts stand around in a daze, yell incoherently, or slump themselves over on the ground. They use drugs out in the open, jabbing needles into appendages, puffing on pipes, and inhaling from burning foil, Erica Sandberg explains at City Journal.

Shellenberger just found a publisher for his latest book, San Fransicko, in which he explains how leftists destroy US cities.

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To Sail the Impassable Seas
To Sail the Impassable Seas
1 year ago

Legalities and the Rule of Law are constructs of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and all will be provided their needs by the cargo cult state and caring compassionate czars in sporty red and gold spandex jackets with a hammer and sickle sportsball style logo.
Rightthink comrades will get first dibs on redistribution and enemies of the state such as unvaxxed untermenschen scum are not welcome.
To each according to his need, workers of the world unite.
Keep the Kulaks out, yes we can!