Kamala’s Prediction Was Right But Dems Still Sound Ridiculous


We agree with Kamala Harris! She was so right when she said that a victory for Trump-endorsed candidate Glenn Youngkin, will determine what happens in the next elections.

“What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on,” Harris said.

If Harris’ prediction comes true, it would mean Republicans will have the upper hand going into the 2022 midterm election, 2024 presidential election, and on.

We like her prognostic abilities.

MSNBC wrote an article headlined, “Youngkin’s victory in Virginia doesn’t doom midterm Democrats.”

We don’t agree with that one. It’s ridiculous.

They don’t see any backlash in the election vaccine and mask mandates. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is in trouble for exactly that. Right before the election, his senior aide said he wanted to declare a universal vaccine mandate and give tens of millions more to illegal aliens AFTER the election.

And what about gas prices, CRT, fake history, statues destroyed, and Afghanistan?

Democrats don’t want to change the path they are on but New Jersey and Virginia should scare them.

Murphy’s opponent has no name recognition but he might beat Murphy.

In Buffalo, the write-in candidate who is not even on the ballot, appears to have beaten AOC’s commie candidate. While he already served as Buffalo mayor, he is NOT EVEN ON THE BALLOT. Democrats have to be pretty desperate to vote for a write-in.

The progressives won’t move off their path because they always think more of what already failed is the answer. They just didn’t do enough of it.

The man in charge has trouble spitting out words and finding his way into the White House. As inflation picks up, and unfortunately it will, Democrats will be blamed for Biden and for the economic mess.

Republicans need to shape up as well. It was good to see Mitch McConnell abandon his RINO candidate for Georgia senator and endorse Trump’s, Herschel Walker, but they still have a long way to go.

They won’t accept America First and the formulas that worked to make this country great. Ignoring his tweets, Trump only went back to common sense solutions, nothing else. But some won’t accept the reality. like Meghan McCain. Whether he runs or not, we need Donald Trump and we need his guidance. His candidates mostly win because of their platforms.

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